AT&T’s GigaPower fiber set to hit Chicago and Atlanta

If you’ve tried burning incense or seeing an internet shaman but Google Fiber still won’t come to your city, you may still be able to get gigabit speeds — from AT&T. The carrier’s U-verse GigaFiber service will finally venture away from Texas and…

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Organize Your Wrenches with Carabiners

Organize Your Wrenches with Carabiners

It’s tough keeping your tool chest organized, especially when you have loose wrenches rattling around in drawers. Grab a few carabiners and gain control of your tools.

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An imgur user shared what he calls “The Real Frankenstein Laboratory” hidden in the basement of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

This lab was discovered deep in abandoned veterinary school and photographed by MMG Zegwaard. (Source & More Pictures) 

I want to go see these jars :/

Newly discovered particle is both matter and antimatter at the same time

You probably think of matter and antimatter as mortal enemies, since their equivalent particles (such as protons and antiprotons) normally destroy each other on contact. However, there are now hints that the two might get along just fine in the right…

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